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Thread: Hello's!

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    What triggered your interest? Anything particular?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuddleRiver View Post
    Hi Django Welcome, glad to meet you. I like your nickname. What does it mean?
    I was listening to Django Reinhardt, worlds best guitarist when I signed up and realized that my real name (Dan) could be found in there. I thougt it would fit me, as I am quite nostalgic I also realized that the ending - ango rhymes (almost) with the favorite drink I had in my favorite bar when I lived in Barcelona. Mambo jambo special.

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    High five for Django Reinhardt and swedes with beards. Welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Django View Post
    Oh sorry.

    yes, my beard grows that way.

    is my beard very odd? :O
    It looks odd to me, yes. But, I wouldn't take it badly. Facial hair has become popular in US/Pop culture, I just didn't know if that was a style that I just hadn't sighted yet, or was more traditional in your area of the world.

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