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Thread: A confused XNTP

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReflecttcelfeR View Post
    That is the hardest concept for me to grasp. The fact of the matter truly is like you said that they occur simultaneously. Perceiving is unconscious and is always technically first. I suppose the only difference between ENTP and INTP is that the 'I' forces themselves to stop and think about the perception instead of just blurting it out because it could exist, or some such. Most believe that in order to balance the types out each function individually has to act like a synergist to each other function. Just because you prefer a specific order does not mean you prefer a specific function, though some people do.
    That would make sense to me. Perhaps I'm just a balanced person, with a tendency to swing into 'E' or 'I' depending on social setting. I've been told I'm a balanced person before.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dharmini View Post
    Introverted means you get energy when alone and extroverted when you're with people. If anxiety produces extroversion... it can be that you are an introvert. Are you more likely to experience feeling worn out when you've been around people too long, or when you've been alone too long?
    I never feel worn out after being alone. But around certain types of people I can feel worn out after being around them for too long. Around other people I feel energized after spending time with them.

    I've never really experience anxiety, except when I left a religious cult I was apart of; this anxiety drove me to find more and more alone time.
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    Confusion is the entry ticket for entp-ness Welcome to the temple

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