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    Anyhoo, welcome dancing devil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasper View Post

    Anyhoo, welcome dancing devil.


    Also, in the "common INFP issues" it says hypersensitivity.


    I'm not very sensitive, let alone hypersensitive. o_o I'm too busy being busy in me-world to be offended or hurt by the negative things people I don't care about say or do, lmfao. I only care about what others say or think about me if it's positive or if it's from somebody I actually care about. :3 Otherwise, I just move on, "Sorry, I'm too busy being fabulous to listen to your negativity~"

    I have always assumed that I'm introverted because I don't hang out with people and have basically no friends irl. I socialize at work, in class, and online, but that's about it. I have online friends who are extroverts and they like to go out and party (I don't) and they also prefer to have people nearby, whereas I don't really feel like I need people around me.

    I mean, I just get on the Internet and all the people I could possibly want to talk to are there; I'm not big on physical contact anyway. And since people don't intimidate me (whether irl or online) I have no problem; I mean I just joined an entire forum of strangers but I'm all like WHASSUPPPP Y'ALLLL~~~

    Would an INFP be like that? O.o

    And if it helps, like I said above, I'm not sensitive, and while I don't like conflict but I don't avoid it (if I have a problem with you, you'll be informed of this!), and I don't really have a problem approaching people or anything like that. Any ENFPs out there need their alone time, and/or are iffy about personal space? I've always thought I'm I because I need daily me-time. :>

    Quote Originally Posted by GemPOPGem View Post
    Oh hey, i think you should do a video in the type me video thread. I for one would love to see it!
    Buuut~ It won't be as fabulous as my posts, except for the gay Cuban accent, maybe, XD. Like Lady Gaga, I have my ~OMG~ online persona and my not-so-nutty offline self. I'm still kinda nutty and stuff, but I tend to exaggerate it online, if that makes any sense. But we'll see! I shall check out this video section thread thing. :3

    Quote Originally Posted by nozflubber View Post
    lol, very cute introduction welcome~
    loool, but I'm not cute at all! I'm an evil devilish flamingo with poison fangs! Haha anyways thanks for welcoming me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Salt n' pepper View Post
    I second this!

    I just bothered to read your entire intro post. Awesome!
    Did you eat chocolate before posting it?
    lolo! I did have a piece of dark chocolate, but I don't really get high on those since I'm used to both chocolate and coffee. Whenever I get excited and shit it's just fairy snow dust (yeah, it's snowy, 'cause I'm in Canada lol) being sprinkled on me. And you want to see a video too? Hahah, ok.
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    Ne doms are often somewhat subdued compared to our more sociable extroverted counterparts, in other words, ENFPs can be quiet etc.

    Check out the NF Idyllic, and any ENFP thread, you'll see quite a few of them don't claim to be super-dooper-in-your-face-extroverted

    Best Fit Type: ENFP

    The difference is INFPs lead with Fi-Ne, ENFPs lead with Ne-Fi.

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