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Thread: I'm back

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    wow simulatedworld fanclub thread, i guess i should apply for membership.
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    Quote Originally Posted by simulatedworld View Post
    I've been posting intermittently on since getting banned here...amusingly they've already made three of my articles front page features and/or stickies, and bestowed upon me the "Advanced MBTI Knowledge" and "Awesome Posts" awards
    So you are one of those people that likes Lance when he gives out stupid awards to people that suck up to him?

    Personalitycafe is cool; people actually care about type theory and you don't just get a bunch of "tl;dr" every time you post anything meaningful.
    Hahahaha are you being serious? I cant see there being a difference here or there to be honest. PC is filled with teenagers that are easy to impress yes.

    Oh yeah and the mod staff isn't retarded, that helps too. They don't intervene in any threads unless their presence is requested or you do something egregiously offensive, like massive porn spamming or something.

    The best part, though, is that they actually value knowledge over politeness. Type-c will throw out its best contributors for being rude, but if you're sweet and polite but have absolutely nothing worthwhile to contribute, you're golden.
    Are you sure that its not just because you are Lance/Happy's new favorite pet and not because of anything else? I left PC because of the moderation and the founders retardedness. i found this place much more freeing from intervention over petty things than what I have experienced on there.
    All in it pretty much kicks the shit out of this place, and yet, here I am again. (Although I will confess they don't have the emoticon, which I have sorely missed.)
    I have to disagree with you on that but if they are good at stroking your ego over there do continue going there. As I said they are filled with teens and people new to type theory and they will look up to anyone with a little bit of authority in their posting style. So good luck lets see how long it will take you before you take everything you've said in this OP back.

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    I'm inclined to're still here, Sim? Haven't been banned yet? Well, good for you! Welcome back.

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