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You vibe as ISFP more than INFP to me, is all. I interact differently to both types, you remind me more of users here like Wolfy, Quinlan and Kdude. Friendly but direct, no messing about with hypothetical's or abstracts when dealing with a specific situation.
You know, I have heard about me being ISFP more than once. I suppose it depends on situation.

I tend to think so that I don't get myself into a bad situation. But there comes a point when I tell myself to do which of the ideas I have planned to be the best one for me. And from there, if the situation needs changing, I'll change it then and there. It is just recently that I found that planning 10+ years of my life isn't worth it and I should just plan as I go along. It seems to stress me out even more as I find out that the situation I am in now isn't the situation I've planned for.

I do tend to think of hypothetical situations if it is just for fun. Something like Chess. I suppose the reason for that is because I don't have something on the line.

The bottom rule seems to be, when I think too much about a situation, I stress out and just do what I think I should do.