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I kind of assumed the 8w7 would more likely be ExTx and the 8w9 would more likely be IxTx or ExFx if there is a strong line to Enneagram 2.
Ermmm.. Not quite.
It is true that Riso and Hudson have that theory, and indeed, I also disagree with it. ENTJs and ESTJs are Eights more often than ENTPs, whom are basically tied with ESTPs, who are both way ahead of ENFPs and ESFPs.
That really hurts the theory that Eights are all about Ne.

Now, as for your ideas. Type Eight and Feeling don't go together much, even 8/9, because Eight behavior is so directly contrary to Feeling preferences.
They happen, of course, but not often.
ENFPs are actually not really Sixes much. If one was, I would lean way toward 6/7. ENFPs tend to be Sevens, Twos most of all. Then Nines and Fours. The Six attitude doesn't match the ENFP very well.
They are much, much more prone to bypassing their stress than dwelling on it.