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Thread: Greetings.

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    Estonia...! Have you been to the Viljandi music folk festival? I was really obsessed with going for awhile but couldn't find someone to go with me (also I was in college and poor).
    Viljandi? Negative. I live in the capital, Tallinn. I've been to the Estonian Song Festival, though. Both, while singing in choir and just observing.

    Musical groups from all over the world come here to participate. At first there's a parade and the masses walk to the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds (and when I say masses, then I mean in the Estonian sense, because there apparently aren't too many of us). Then the traditional Estonian songs are sung for multiple hours.

    Wasn't too fond of walking/standing/singing for like six hours while being between a mass of people for the whole time at the age of seven. Think I had quite the sleep after that. Nowadays, I don't really show much interest for any Estonian traditions. I don't think I ever really did, but I've always been rather submissive and my mother's quite a traditional being.

    In case anyone's interested:

    Estonian Song Festival - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Tallinn Song Festival Grounds - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    hi macabrecharade, i'm new too. welcome. i like your username.

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