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Thread: Lurk no more

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    You seem to have potential. Welcome!
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    There are not even likes from her this early on.

    Wait there wasn't the like system then.. lol.
    I Think I Am Alright | Forever Flowing
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    Default You've come so far yes we're trying this again, just click the button, dammit! <3


    Moderator of Renown

    Long has this forum under thee
    suffered no foul tyranny
    Except in one small area
    causing mass hysteria
    We know it's true you have the right
    neglect to please our appetite
    A moderator true as you
    with name so proudly hewn in blue
    No doubt has better things to do
    than click an icon so taboo
    But would it really hurt so much
    would you recoil from the touch
    To casually make an exception
    give a man his due reception?
    You see this poem is overdue
    long have I sought to say thank you
    For the myriad of things you do
    allowing TypeC to pull through
    Several of the members here
    their minds and hearts are not quite clear
    Oblivious they grasp at straws
    resentfully breaking the laws
    It's been apparent from the start
    that moderation is an art
    A keen eye peeled where troubles lurk
    whenever someone is a jerk
    Promptly dealing with the trolls
    plopping nerds into their holes
    But still it is that here today
    the masses stand in disarray
    To bring the issue to the fore
    it won't be tolerated anymore
    So here I am with my demand
    that on this day with your fair hand
    You press the button on the left
    and praise this poem craftily deft
    You know you owe it to this crowd
    your sovereignty by us endowed
    So once again I thank you thus
    sounding quite superfluous
    It's clear now it would be my bliss
    to win a like from Coriolis.
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