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Welcome. I am the friend that Aleksei mentioned. You may address me as Master. I've been quite interested in MBTI for quite a while now, in spite of the fact that I find it to only be useful as a rough measuring tool.

In terms of personality, one could say that I am an INTJ, but I'm very close to the border with ENTJ. I don't actively enjoy socialization most of the time, but tend to be very good at it, and certain forms of conversation do tend to energize me. There is no question as to my N, I am absurdly abstract. I am definitely a T, but am often strongly emotionally motivated and can become extremely emotional at times - thus, I would classify my T as being moderate. I'm something of a weak J, being adaptive and often quite lazy and messy, but my neurotic obsession with planning puts me squarely in the J camp.

My interests include politics, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, physics, and engineering, and world domination.