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Just saying "hi." I've been exploring Myers-Briggs for about a year while trying to figure out what I want in life. I need a 'plan' :rolli:

Anyhow, I'm a SAHM and part-time interior decorator/professional organizer married to a ESTP (oy, the communication is interesting!) and mom to three kids - two of whom are teenagers.

My biggest issue right now is my struggle with my introvertedness, yet at the same time if I'm alone too much I feel funky and mildly depressed. As an Introvert I wasn't expecting that. I also find it incredibly difficult to be an entrepneur and promote myself etc.

My hobbies are probably the typical S things - landscaping, holidays, fitness, Walt Disney World, entertaining (small groups only), and travelling. OK, I also am interested in the environtment and human rights.

Nice to be here!
*sigh* I really wished I had the opportunity to be a SAHM!!! (One of the most under-rated jobs in the world!) Anyway, it's so nice that parents/children have this opportunity (and it's getting more popular!)

I'm a rabid Reduce, Reuse and Recycler... so I guess I fit the "green" type!

I work in the corporate world, and if it wasn't for my boss (who recognised that I needed help getting outside of my default, Introverted self), I probably wouldn't be quite so social. Over the years, he forced me to stand-in for him and helped me get out of my shell!!! :horor: I still prefer to be who I am, but I can do the harder things now!

Welcome, Alicia!