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    Default Angel On Board

    MTBI horde Ė
    haven of diversity
    this place delights me.

    Hi! Itís time for this n00b to do her introduction.

    Iím Amy, a.k.a. the LovelyAngel. Iím an INFJ, but for much of my life I had conditioned myself to operate in INTJ mode Ė and now Iím capable of moving fluidly to either mode as needed. (INFJs can emulate almost anything, anyway.) While I am frequently acting as an INTJ in the workplace, in my personal life Iíve settled comfortably into my natural and cozy INFJ cocoon.

    Iím a poet, photographer, graphic designer, and writer. Professionally Iím an IT analyst and computer programmer.

    I love to play badminton and volleyball. Iím an avid reader but have traded in my science fiction books for anime and manga (Japanese animation and comics). My username, LovelyAngel, is from anime Ė not from any INFJ behaviors.

    Iíve recently taken a renewed interest in MBTI analysis as late last year I found myself in a relationship with an ISFP. With our wide differences, Iím puzzled about many things Ė including the viability of the relationship. This forum already has given me insights and is helping me take a new perspective as to how to move forward with the relationship.

    My forums nature is to lurk in the shadows, speaking only when I have something of (possible) value to add... but omigosh!... 500 posts required before you can edit your user title?!? Hmm... post whores are rewarded; metrics drive behavior. Already, the forum is getting fluffy posts out of me that far exceed my normal frequency. (Hey, I like being able to change my user title. In a matrix of pigeonholes, one latches on to even the smallest marker of independence.)

    I wonít maintain a blog here in TypeC, as I have a LiveJournal that receives my attention.

    OK. Thatís enough about myself. I donít have to reveal everything up front. Thereís fun in discovery. (But, yeah, I can be verbose at times.)

    I do enjoy the forums here. People here are interesting, amazing, thoughtful, insightful, kind, rowdy, and fun! Thank you for making me feel welcome, and thank you in advance for your patience with my foibles.

    "There is always something to do. There are hungry people to feed, naked people to clothe, sick people to comfort and make well. And while I don't expect you to save the world I do think it's not asking too much for you to love those with whom you sleep, share the happiness of those whom you call friend, engage those among you who are visionary and remove from your life those who offer you depression, despair and disrespect."
    -- Nikki Giovanni

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    Hi :hi: Welcome, glad to have you with us.
    "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay one invincible summer."
    A Christian's life may be the only Bible some people ever read.
    "The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them" Maya Angelou.
    I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ" Gandhi

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    :hi: Welcome to TC.
    INFP~ 4w5 ~ sx/sp ~ IEI ~ Libra

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    Hello, Amy! Welcome and enjoy your stay in the forums. Phew, now that the official stuff is out of the way. Awesome photo galleries you have there! I was in the mood for some black and white photos, so thank you very much for the eye candy.

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    Welcome! :hi:

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