Thanks for the warm welcome and also for the great chuckles. I loved reading everyone's posts. Images of bear stampedes (WOW!!) are wafting through my tired mind as I relax from another week of teaching. I do enjoy 3rd graders because they are really starting to "get it" mentally and still are sweet kids emotionally. I work in a school with a high poverty rate (80% free and reduced lunches) but let me tell you, the kids are sharp! Teaching just seems like second nature to me, I've raised 3 kids and actually look forward to going to school each day.

Sigh. As to organization: I have to write all my plans down, because keeping track of time and managing multiple subjects is hard. It's way too fun to teach "off the cuff". However, it's so important to choose a learning target and develop lesson plans to reach the goals. People that are more sequential might not have to plan as carefully as I do. I was a general music teacher for many years and like the 3rd grade classroom even better because I form relationships with the kids. The music classroom always seemed like a revolving door...NF's want more connection than that.

I look forward to reading your posts and figuring out more about the MBTI.

(P.S. my strongest intelligence is musical)