Thank you Varelse, AllAboutSoul, and Sandy.

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Sorry it took me this long to give you an "official" welcome, Mark.... so WELCOME.

I appreciate your posts that I've read elsewhere this morning. They've been very insightful and I hope that you're able to keep participating.

What other personality sorters have you looked at over the years, and what is your general opinion of them? (This could actually a thread of interest in the main part of the forums, not just in the Welcome area, if you haven't started one already.)

And I have to admit that the reason you gave for finding MBTIc was unique and totally unexpected. "License to Be Silly" is hereby extended to the membership at large.
Hi. Jennifer. Thank you for the welcome and compliment.
To answer the question, I've dealt with Keirsey for the most part, MBTI knock-offs, Enneagram, and the like. I'm not as well versed in typologies as the majority of you, but perhaps what appealed to me most out of <I>Please Understand Me II</I> was not the specific typologies as the subjects of intelligence types, quadriform humanity, and historical philosophies regarding human behavior. Every time I take any test, I do my best to be objective and honest. Objective so as to get accurate results and honest so as not to cheat myself. The most interesting concept I noticed was a website noting how too many typology tests will ask what you do rather than what you prefer or what one's natural inclination is. This particular website said to go back to your childhood and think about the things you may have been scolded for, for instance. Did you ask why far too many times? Did people push you away because you uncannily knew something about them? Were you a little daredevil? A scout who craved titles, badges, kinship, or tradition? That was definitely a unique way of answering. I ramble, especially when writing, which I seem to recall is more of an INFJ quality.

so...btw, if you had a pet manatee, what color would it and what would you name it, and what approach to philosophy would you teach it?
Now for the lighthearted? Manatees. My pet manatee..they're dreadfully ugly for such gentle creatures. Bull..Wharf...Bullwharf? That seems too harsh though. Oh well, from henceforth he would be Bullwharf. I think a natural grey would go best with that name, but maybe a beige. Approach to philosophy? I feel naked intellectually when it comes to philosophy. If philosophy is... nevermind, can we pick a less expansive topic? Wait I could call him Rugby or how about some ugly Germanic or Celtic name? Yes, it's a him, nah maybe a her. Maggie? Aye. I need more specifics! I can't name it without a gender. Oh forget it, Bullwharf, beige, and I'll teach him not to touch upon the imaginings of vain philosophers but to love God, enjoy life, and be good to others - leave philosophy to humans that don't seem to have anything better to do than argue about if they exist and how they exist. (Even though it's clear we exist on both spiritual mental and physical planes!)