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This was of great interest to me. At first, scratching my head and looking for contextual clues did nothing, so I logged in and looked at some of Bethy's more recent posts.

I can see her reasoning and the "offending" parties' thoughts concerning types. It's odd though, because the purpose of a type is to generalize, define, and even pigeonhole someone, and yet Jennifer has pointed out via discussing MBTI Step II that even being "typed" isn't sufficient in addressing some key differences.

Personally, I would like to see MBTI results used solely for research, self-reflection, person-organization/culture/job fit and within the context of counseling: career, relationship, education, conflict. Of course, regarding career counseling job-fit or even educational goals, the MBTI is at best a guide, because an artist that happens to be an INFJ may bring unbelievably new contributions to art and same can be said for many other type/career combinations. Ultimately, we should do what we love and while I hope that what one loves is what one is best at, it is not necessary though it is expectantly inefficient.

Nevertheless, going full circle, I hope Bethy signs back in and certainly hope she is doing well.
I haven't gone that far yet... I just was like.... HUH?! It seems like she was offended big time. 'Tis a shame.