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    Default ENFP + ISTJ = Barrel o' Monkeys

    Hello all,

    I'm an ENFP (well, xNFP) who has had lots of fun over the years trying to understand herself via typing, etc. Some of it is dead on accurate, other parts, meh. BUt its interesting and eye opening and fun!

    Now I find myself maddeningly in love with my polar opposite - an ISTJ. Anyway, thats what I type him as. So really, I'm here to understand him a bit better. We're a great team and I want to keep it that way.

    Been lurking a bit and reading some of the threads - so thanks in advance for sharing your insights!

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    It's interesting how well ENFPs and ISTJs get along here. There is definitely a lot of that, so don't think it isn't normal.

    And yeah, figuring out introversion vs. extroversion can be tough. I was totally unsure of what I was for a while, but I've finally found myself as an extrovert.

    Oh, I forgot to welcome you, so.... welcome!

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