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    Well, I guess the thing is, I actually enjoy not living in the moment, and find it taxing to do so. Don't get me wrong, I can focus on the present when I need to, but it's not something I enjoy. Although I am comfortable focusing on social situations and people.

    I guess I mainly just don't like being physically active, running all over the place, taking physical risks, or having to be extremely focused on exactly what's happening around me. I'm fine with focusing on the moment, I just won't do something without thinking about whether it's acceptable or not. I like board games, but not really travel.

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    Hey, I don't think there's anything wrong with that...I think this is where 'type' can only go so far. There are still going to be individual differences within type...I mean, we're all unique!!! Right?? And we all have a unique set of experiences that will influence who we are and who we have become. Nature AND nurture play a role, I think.

    I also think people can change over time, so at a given point in life, a person might be focusing on an area they hadn't given much attention to, say, a decade earlier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cascademn View Post
    I'm extremely interested in psychology and type-theory

    I have no desire to work my way up the ladder

    I also don't want to lead people - it would stress me out too much, because I don't like being the center of attention.

    *I find a constant theme in my life is that I yearn for peace and happiness - internal peace.

    *I'm not very outgoing; I have to force myself to get out and interact, and chitchat with people I don't know.

    *I have forced myself to do things I'm not naturally comfortable with, though, just for 'growth' sake, and to challenge myself, or because I think it'll be good for me.

    *My brain is always processing things, and observing, and much so that I almost detest this in me, because I often just wish I could turn it off and simply BE - simply exist, just me and my senses.

    *I am most happy out in nature, and I feel I can attain peace, and nature/wildlife/wilderness is what I value immensely.

    *I enjoy watercolor painting [javo: I would if I ever stopped thinking about doing it and actually did it!]
    *Really into nature photography
    *I enjoy reading
    *I feel that I need a lot of alone time, just to relax and unwind
    *I've been told I have a good sense of humor
    *I was very good in school, and got fairly good test scores
    *Never liked labwork though; it bored me. [javo: I was so bored that I accidentally started a small test tube fire in chem lab]
    *Never really knew what I wanted to do when I grew up
    *I think I perplex some people, as well as myself, in that I don't really have any 'goals' in my life.
    *Despite how I come across via email...very little of this would be noted by anyone in real life, because most of these thoughts/feelings STAY in my head
    Welcome! I resemble your remarks which I've snipped out and quoted above.

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    Ok, so we're in the process of doing yearend reviews where I work, and one piece is getting peer feedback. One of the people I requested feedback from mistakenly sent her completed review of me to me, rather than sending the blank form for me to fill out for her!! So, this is what she wrote -- is everything she's describing more Ni?? Or what exactly??

    [Cascademn] has many strengths that she brings to the Z role. Her excellent memory, detailed in-depth knowledge of [XYZ System] and products, speed of thought, research and execution, and working across departments to gain critical information to accomplish the tasks.

    [Cascademn] is also very professional in the oral and written communication with Business Partners and the Technology team. She knows how to 'get to the point'. When others can be bogged down in the details, she has the remarkable ability to see clearly and concisely what needs to be done. I saw her demonstrate this multiple times when decisions needed to be made to clarify the ZZ specifications and how to best build it.

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