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Thread: INTP... Hello

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    It is so entertaining haha

    And try not to drool. Leave it to an ENTP to bring you this low

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockwallaby View Post
    Welcome to the nuthouse

    I've only recently taken an interest in MBTI, still kind of learning the in's & outs so my knowledge in the subject is kind of lacking at this point, so I can really only speak from my own experience.
    Typically you want do it repeatedly and vary the frequency between 60 and 160 Hz.

    I guess the main reasons I've joined are to learn about other types & to help work myself out a bit as well & what I've learned so far has really helped me understand why I am the way I am..
    Don't worry, we'll help you get better.
    Dreams are best served manifest and tangible.

    INFP, 6w7, IEI

    I accept no responsibility, what so ever, for the fact that I exist; I do, however, accept full responsibility for what I do while I exist.


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