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    Quote Originally Posted by ENFJ_Catholic
    Bach! I do love all types of Bach.
    Naturally, as Bach wrote the soundtrack for the Church.

    Just as Beethoven wrote the soundtrack for the Bourgeoise.

    But Mozart wrote music.

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    Bach and Handel, don't forget the Alleluiah Corus.
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    Default Bach

    I am not against Mozart. He was quite the musical genius as well (who also wrote a great deal of religious music to his credit). I stated my preferences though, and they are as they areyour outlined assumptions notwithstanding, Victor.

    My favorite Bach piece is the Brandenburg Concerto No. 3. Take a listen to part of it: [YOUTUBE="hZ9qWpa2rIg"]Bach - Brandenburg Concertos No.3 - i: Allegro Moderato[/YOUTUBE]
    "In the end it is not a matter of reason; it is a matter of love." - St. Thomas More

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