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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    I've occasionally gotten INFJ on tests too (but I mostly test INTP); Distinguishing between Fi and Fe is the easiest way to tell an INFJ from an INFP, IMO. Your directness could actually indicate lack of Fe. INFPs can seem very blunt in communication as we're not concerned with superficial manners, but INFJs, even though direct, may be more concerned with propriety.
    Yes. I indentify strongly with this. I have "open mouth, insert foot" syndrome. I have one tattoo: a colorful lizard who, more importantly, sits with a Mandarin symbol which means "sincere" which is a dry joke for the fact that I am blunt.

    Sometimes I say things that make others want to do this Not because I'm trying to make people angry, but just because sometimes I speak my mind before I realize that I should have kept my mouth shut, especially during debates.

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    My BFFL and I are INFXs too.
    Welcome - from noob to noob.

    Painfully Bipolar

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