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    Welcome aboard Merkw!
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    Hello, Merkw. Welcome to MBTI Central.

    Quote Originally Posted by Merkw View Post
    In my opinion, I find these introductory threads to be quite a waste of time, but I, regardless, proceed to do so.
    Why? It's not a requirement, you know.

    Not too long ago I signed up on INTPCentral and through it I discovered this website. Currently I am having somewhat of a trouble deciding whether I am an INTJ or an INTP. On some tests I come out as INTP. On an equal amount of tests I come out as INTJ. But, on most recent tests, I am frequently getting RIGHT in the middle. Exactly 50/50.
    A lot of people have trouble deciding their type. But I think if it's between INTP and INTJ, you certainly seem more like the latter. I had trouble for a long time deciding mine.

    As a result, I have been meticulously examining EVERY single description of both INTPs and INTJs that I can find. As it turns out, certain aspects of the INTJ description fit me better than the INTP, and vice-versa. Well, I'll just have to research more.
    Have you considered trying to type yourself by functions? I mean, do you use more Ti than Te? Ni or Ne?

    P.S. Due to my difficulty in typing myself, I have chosen under the type category of my profile to alternate between days. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, my type will be listed as INTJ. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, my type will be listed as INTP. On Sundays, I'll either write INTX, or something strange and irrelevant.
    How exactly will this help you or anyone else determine your type? It's just silly.

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    Welcome. And you seem more INTJ to me... but forget the J/P distinction; I think it might as well not exist if you just read closely into functions when assigning type.

    Soo… what do you think your dominant function is?

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    Welcome Merkw!

    For what it's worth I just assumed you were INTJ after reading your first post (so I agree with Jennifer). That may simply be the first impression you give, but that first impression looks solidly like an INTJ.
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    OK. For the time being, I will classify myself as INTJ, however, this will not necessarily be a permanent title. I did look a little bit at the functions, and I would probably say that, in addition to the INTP/J ordeal, it is either introverted thinking or introverted intuition. I have chosen to go with INTJ, at least for the time being, mainly due to the fact that, unlike an INTP, I do feel the need to "shape," "organize," or "structure" the environment in accordance with my vision (paradoxically, my room is a complete mess), but I am not quite sure as to whether this is a personality thing or an OCD thing (perhaps both?).
    However there still is some evidence pointing in the direction of P as opposed to J.
    Are you my evil twin?

    (Because I don't think I have Dissociative Identity Disorder.)
    Evil twin? Of course, not! What a ridiculous idea...*Turns around and laughs maniacally when nobody is looking*
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