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I'll admit the Wii (and Nintendo to a certain extent) never really appealed to me. Not the gimmick in itself, but the variety in terms of content, or lack thereof (mature themes etc). I still want to play the sequel to NiGHTS though
To each their own.
My favorite publishers are capcom, nintendo, tecmo and sega. But tecmo's fallen off the waggon a bit and started changing up their games, till X-box when they decided to make a new ninja gaiden.

Capcom, all I needed was to buy a PS2 and a GBA last time and I had all I wanted from them [megaman zero and streetfighter and the occasional RE or okami].

Sega, it's been a while since they made anything worth playing in my eyes.

Nintendo, has consistency, not to mention they produce a console. This is convienient since Zelda, Mario, F-zero, Metroid, and Kirby are and have been some of my favorite series and they're all published by nintendo. The only thing that lacked consistency was Metroid when they started the transistion from 2D to 3D. Even though the Metroid prime series seemed like a different game than the 2D metroids it was still a fun concept in itself, so I didn't mind too much.

The lack of mature content doesn't bother me too much. It seems like an ingenius business plot to me. Where they just targeted as many potential buyers as possible.

But you probably see the Wii the same as I see the PS3. There are a few good games here and there that you'd like, but not enough to want to buy the system.