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    you're for free markets and ........ populism? Fascinating!

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    FreeMarketPopulism is a form of economic and domestic philosophy designed to address the needs and concerns of the populous, using free market solutions. Ever since the founding of this great nation, economic populism and free market capitalism have been at odds with one another. This fundamental struggle is a balancing act that few (if any) politicians can escape. On the one hand, capitalism has unleashed the most powerful motive for continuous innovation and progress: the desire to make a profit. On the other hand, economic populism has kept the former in check, by establishing policies designed to protect those most vulnerable in a capitalistic society (Gone are the days of the Robber barren).

    I don't believe our founding fathers meant it to be this way. I think that if they were around today they would be appalled at not only the excess regulation, bureaucracies, and quasi income redistribution, but also the excessive wealth and power held by the relative few. What is the answer? In today's partisan political environment, what is the right amount of capitalism vs. populism when developing economic and domestic policy?

    This question would certainly produce a wide range of responses from favoring a pure populism approach to favoring a pure free market approach with the majority of opinions favoring a mix of the two. Every single answer given would be wrong in my opinion because of how the question is posed. Our founding fathers would frown at that question and instead ask: "How can we use the principles of the free market to mitigate the concerns of those, who might otherwise be vulnerable and disadvantaged in a pure capitalistic society?" Regardless of political affiliation, all of us can agree (with the exception of the very few) that some sort of safety net should be provided to the most unfortunate among us (though we all have varying opinions as to the degree of assistance), education should be available to every citizen, and the opportunity to capitalize on one's own ingenuity and creativity should be available and accessible to all.

    In other words, FreeMarketPopulism doesn't pit capitalism and populism against each other as does today's political climate. It instead tries to incorporate the two. It tries to accomplish the goals of populism using the strategies and tactics of a free market.

    Most of us have a narrow preconception of what economics deals with. In truth, it is much broader. Simply put, economics deals with the scarcity and efficient allocation of resources. It frustrates me when I see policymakers and politicians demonized as uncompassionate for holding a pro-market view. It also frustrates me when I hear a politician demand more tax cuts for ExxonMobil and Chevron.

    To sum it up, I'm basically a mass of contradictions

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    Welcome aboard.

    p.s. do you think you could use your ENTP powers to invent me a matter transporter? k thanks.

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    You're kinda sexy >_>.

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