My family lives in a compound and is composed of my mother, 2 brothers, me, and grandparents(my father's parents). As for my father, he died almost 7 years ago. I gave my mother a personality type test and she came out ISFJ.

During weekdays, my mom, brothers and I would eat dinner together either from takeout or home-cooked food. Sometimes, we eat dinner ahead or late of each of other because of our different schedules. As for breakfast and lunch, we don't eat together except for weekends. During Sundays and after going to the church, my family would eat together at my grandparents' house inside the compound. After that, we would discuss several issues or gossips.

My mom is a headnurse in a government hospital, while my grandparents are both professors in graduate school. My brother(the next one born after me), studies information technology while I study medical technology(medical laboratory science). My other brother(the youngest among us siblings) is going into Grade 5.

There have been rough times that my family has gone through and I was really grateful that we have made it through those times, better and stronger than ever before.