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Hey, I couldn't help notice the use of big fat juicy capitals in your posts that distracted me:
- welcome! (Yes infjs are usually fascinated by psychology, I have ever since I was 10.:blink). You definitely sound like a few entjs I know actually, I only get the super-ego from one or two.
bahaha...the capitals...*sigh* i use them far too often..thats not me yelling...its just me...putting emphasis on things...trust me...i even do it in real life, when i am talking...lol...all part of my unique way of expressing myself :P

i think, as far as the super-egos go...well they are the ones who haven't learned to deal with their flaws, and use their strengths. they are the ones who aren't mindful of what it is they are doing, and have no idea about a little thing called RESTRAINT.

i often slip up...but i hate it when i do, and i very rarely make the same mistake twice the ridicule i get from myself ensures that fact.