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Thread: INFJ newbie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travo7 View Post

    Hello there

    I feel you with the laughing. I usually watch stand-up with little to no laughter, even if I think the guy/gal is funny.

    Well, I think I 've been here long enough to start welcoming people.

    Sorry to hear you too, suffer from lack of laugh

    Quote Originally Posted by GargoylesLegacy View Post

    Oh Gee, I thought I replied already. But apparently not.
    So welcome to the Forum! You seem to be a very nice Person from what I read here. Oh and also

    The Simpsons, Malcom in The Middle

    Wohoo, more Support on those two great Shows!

    So, hope you enjoy your Stay here!
    Glad to know you have excellent taste in TV! However I personally think The Simpsons should have been put to rest after it's 7th season.

    ...Guilty of watching it anyway

    Quote Originally Posted by MissMurder View Post
    But... but, they have cookies! How can you resist the delicious cookies?

    P.S. Welcome.
    What! This whole time I'm on the wrong side?

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