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Enneagram Integration and Disintegration - Detailed Discussion
This video describes how integration and disintegration manifests and how you can respond to that effectively. He talks about each of the 9 types....

1101 Views· 12-07-2015
Enneagram 4 & 9 in relationships and family systems
This is a video of an Enneagram 4 who grew up in a family of Enneagram 9s and talks about what the experience is like. She states that 4s and 9s are the most common romantic pairing. Really interesting stuff....

998 Views· 08-08-2015
Russ Hudson
Close up interview with Russ Hudson. What MBTI and Enneagram type do you think he was?...

1001 Views· 04-08-2015
Tom Condon ‘Living The Dynamic Enneagram’ Interview by Iain McNay
Interview with Tom Condon talking about his book, "Living The Dynamic Enneagram"...

920 Views· 03-21-2015


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In Socionics, he would be an SLE, not the LSE. ESTJ may make sense for Myers Briggs, but it does not make sense according to Socionics definitions of ...
She has a real down on INFPs though.
Thanks. I sit on the P/J border when tested. Can see bits of both in me.

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