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INTJ Paradoxes
These things are all pretty much true about INTJs...

216 Views· 07-09-2016
Recognizing Dominant Intuitives By Their Look
This is interesting. I would say it is accurate for me. I tend to have classic type clothes, good quality and like colorful shirts....

204 Views· 05-21-2016
INTJ Doorslam - INTJs do you do this?
I always think about INFJs doing this but maybe we do it too...

219 Views· 05-14-2016
INTJ Careers
Good video and information on career options for INTJs...

227 Views· 05-14-2016


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She has a real down on INFPs though.
Thanks. I sit on the P/J border when tested. Can see bits of both in me.

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