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Enneagram wings of 1 | Reformer, Peacemaker, Helper | 1w2, 1w9
So what is the difference between the wings of Enneagram 1? In this video I'll discuss how to differnentiate both in regards to motivations, and other traits....

726 Views· 03-23-2018
Happiness for Enneagram Type 1
This video shows how an enneagram type one can plummet to rock bottom and how they can find their way back to a state of oneness, perfection and mindfulness in a simple way.For an enneagram type one, the 'problem' which causes the suffering is the belief in imperfections. They feel responsible for making themselves and the world around them better than they are, forgetting that by resisting what i...

802 Views· 10-07-2014
Enneagram Type 1, the Perfectionist: What are your strengths?
Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition: Representatives share their experience of being a Type One....

796 Views· 10-01-2014
Enneagram Type 1 - 'The Perfectionist' - Moderated by Iain McNay
Enneagram Type 1 -- The Perfectionist.' Discussion with James Barlow, Anne Martin and Carlos Silva, Moderated by Iain McNayThe Eighth programme in our series on the Enneagram. Three type 1's talk about themselves and their lives....

805 Views· 07-27-2014


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In Socionics, he would be an SLE, not the LSE. ESTJ may make sense for Myers Briggs, but it does not make sense according to Socionics definitions of ...
She has a real down on INFPs though.
Thanks. I sit on the P/J border when tested. Can see bits of both in me.

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