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Type 3

Enneagram wings of 3 | Achiever 3w4 3w2 | personality, success
Digging deeper into the two wing varieties of Enneagram 3, to identify the differences in detail....

809 Views· 03-23-2018
Very detailed description of Enneagram Type 3
This person seems to know a lot about Enneagram 3s and has some surprising things to say which were different than my perception of what I thought 3s acted like....

945 Views· 06-27-2016
An Enneagram Type 3 shares her Transformation...
An enneagram 3 talks about how she has transformed herself. She had difficulty with intimacy. By not having a plan, feeling a need to over-prepare and talking less, learning to relax a bit more, she feels safer in the world. Her son now tells her, "Mom, you don't feel like a robot anymore!" Hear what shifted within so that she can say, "Now I understand what people mean when they talk about in...

875 Views· 10-12-2014
Enneagram Type 3, the Performer: How do you know you are a Type Three?
Representatives share their experience of being a Type Three. Common themes are wanting to be the best, wanting to be successful, high level of energy, outcome/product produced, achievement oriented, driven and want to be all they can be and have that recognized by others...

1169 Views· 10-12-2014


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In Socionics, he would be an SLE, not the LSE. ESTJ may make sense for Myers Briggs, but it does not make sense according to Socionics definitions of ...
She has a real down on INFPs though.
Thanks. I sit on the P/J border when tested. Can see bits of both in me.

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