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ISFJ Profile Description
ISFJs are industrious caretakers , loyal to traditions and organizations. They are practical, compassionate and caring and are motivated to provide for others and protect them from the perils of life. ISFJs are conventional and grounded and enjoy contributing to established structures in society. They are steady and committed workers with a deep sense of responsibility to others. They focus...

1004 Views· 05-08-2016
Difference between ISFJ and INFJ
INFJ talks about the difference between ISFJs and INFJs. Pretty interesting stuff. Her videos are good....

1851 Views· 10-24-2015
ISFJ Profile - Michael Pierce
ISFJ profile by Michael Pierce of Celebrity Types...

1163 Views· 05-26-2015
ISFJ - The Nurturers
ISFJ Personality Description - You are a hands-on person who gets things done‚ for other as well as yourself. Always sensitive to the feelings of others‚ you watch what is going on and respond in a caring way to assure that things go well. Your goal is to make things aesthetically pleasing for everyone around....

1070 Views· 07-27-2014


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In Socionics, he would be an SLE, not the LSE. ESTJ may make sense for Myers Briggs, but it does not make sense according to Socionics definitions of ...
She has a real down on INFPs though.
Thanks. I sit on the P/J border when tested. Can see bits of both in me.

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