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Thread: Ni vs Ne Eyes

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    Ni have a more intense gaze. Ne have a more child-like quality and more expressive.

    ENTJ and other NJs also have Ne eyes. The thing is that Ne eyes are just more masked behind their other fifth or fourth functions. NJs should have the Ne eyes as well.

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    If I were to even consider believing in this horseshit, wouldn't this be accurate:

    Ni - seemingly stare into space, zone out, doesn't blink much, look off to the side when asked a question and basically appear frozen until they have an answer, appears distracted by internal stimuli.

    Ne - eyes dart around a bit, seemingly more engaged in what is happening, appears distracted by external stimuli, blinks more often due to more frequent eye movements, kind of stalls for time when asked a question i.e vocalising "oh, ahh" or "ehh" or "hmm haven't thought about this before" etc.

    I just wrote those up clean off the top of my head by comparing myself to my ENFP brother in law, I think it's a decent comparison because we're both N dominants and both of the Idealist/NF temperament - so it's probably the best Ni v Ne comparison you can get, really.

    Yeah, they're not pictures - but I could provide some if necessary.

    A problem arises here, as I've got both an INTP and an INFP friend, and they're both probably a little more similar to me than the ENFP.
    There's a difference though - I actually think they're a little more intense.
    Above poster suggests Ni is more intense, but this doesn't reflect me - it's more like spaced out, 'not present' - I get called out on this all the time by people, it's really annoying to some - it's almost disrespectful, to them.

    My ENFP friend isn't very intense, he's an upbeat extravert, but my INxP friends both have intense glares, they kinda frown when thinking as well, whereas I just kinda 'derp'.

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