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    Default INTPs Hold Education in Contempt By Grade 6

    An older ENTP interacting with a younger INTP.

    Keirsey labelled ENFPs the "champions" but the same label can be applied to some ENTPs. Look how he pushes her to pursue debate and realize her full potential. Ne dominant types can make great guidance counselors and coaches in this regard.

    She self-identifies as an INTJ but I think he's on the money when he calls her an INTP. Notice the self-doubt bordering on apathy. Understanding that tendency, he is trying to push her to engage the world more via her Ne. I imagine debate would also push her to develop her Si and Fe. INxPs often need these sort of pushes because it's very, very easy for them to get locked into patterns of avoiding uncomfortable situations or, I think especially in the INTPs' case, of simply flying under the radar and avoiding obligations that involve uncomfortable interactions. However, it's those uncomfortable situations and interactions that force them to grow as individuals.

    Regarding self doubt and apathy, I'm not sure which comes first for INTPs, but I think they certainly feed one another and can compound to create a lingering fear and avoidance that if unchecked will lead to a state of incomplete development and lack of direction as the INTP enters adulthood.

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    I am kind of obsessed with this general concept right now @Anaximander. I have noticed the people I am most drawn to are the ones that push me, nudge me and help me get out of my head into the real world. Who don't diminish my feelings but help me see they are only one small part of the puzzle.

    And, conversely I have been observing that the people who are drawn to me and pursue my friendship are ones who are not normally very focused on their own feelings. Who appreciate when I ask them questions and help them to gain 'knowledge of self'.

    I LOVE INTP's and find the dynamic this vid speaks to, is a large part of the reason. We play off of each other well.

    It would be interesting to develop an educational system that took these kinds of pairings/factors into account when matching Educator's to Students?!?
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