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    Default Video: Very detailed description of Enneagram Type 3

    This person seems to know a lot about Enneagram 3s and has some surprising things to say which were different than my perception of what I thought 3s acted like.

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    I completely agree with the idea that the 3's ideal is highly dependent on the individual.

    Me: 3w4 - The questions that seem to drive my psyche is "how can I be valuable to others? How do I validate my worth? I want to be seen as competent, knowledgeable, perceptive/objective (I don't want be delusional). My physical appearance has always been secondary to that aim but if it aids the primary focus, I will put effort in. Never been that much into material wealth and social status has been a toss up (I want to be elite in private but not necessarily in others' eyes besides a select few). Also, I have a notable somber/melancholy streak compared to the "you can do it" energy of the 3w2s I have encountered.
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