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    Default Update on Jung’s Type

    There has been quite a bit of buzzing about Jung’s type code since I posted my previous “News Flash!” on the topic, which happened to garner the following challenge by Jonathan.
    He writes:

    > Check out this BBC interview with Jung, particularly the portion > beginning at about 8:30 in the first link and . . . → Read More: Update on Jung’s Type

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    My take on Jung's type — including a transcript of the relevant part of that BBC interview — is here.

    As further explained in that post (and the two-part post it links to), Jung's function stack for a Ti-dom with an N-aux was Ti-Ni-Se-Fe, and his stack for an Ni-dom with a T-aux was Ni-Ti-Fe-Se. And he thought that, in the typical case, both the third and fourth functions were predominantly unconscious and had a tendency to be problematic — just as he describes his own F and S in that interview.

    So, unlike people who subscribe to the Harold Grant function stack — where the competing stacks are Ti-Ne-Si-Fe and Ni-Te-Fi-Se — Jung would have expected the two types it appears he may have been torn between to be quite similar, having the same two functions (Ti and Ni) as their conscious functions and the same two functions (Fe and Se) as their unconscious functions.
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