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    Default Video: INTJ vs INTP

    • Very good video on the difference between INTPs and INTJs by Doctor Juice

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    Default Video: INTJ vs INTP

    Poorly formed and misleading. Not representative of the difference. Also contradictory. An INTJ takes in more information but is more selective about the information they take in but INTPs take in less information but take in a broader scope of information including the seemingly irrelevant? Sorry, doesn't make sense or measure up to my experience of the two types.

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    I think it was a great run down of some of the more practical differences between INTJ and INTP in how they react in the world.

    It's of course very basic, and in that sense I suppose it can be unintentionally 'misleading'. But any comparison between two types as a generalization will of course have that problem.

    As for the video, it's intentions and the comparisons made within, I think it was a pretty nice little rundown of INTP's and INTJ's main focuses, strengths and weaknesses from a very basic and fundamental viewpoint.

    I totally see myself in what he says about INTP's, some of my biggest struggles in my early 20's was with exactly what he said about being quick to judge the world without much information. Especially on subjects I really didn't feel like dealing as they affected other people, which is a nice little bridge to what he said about INTP's and their Fe. It was right on the money.

    These days I (try to, it really is a conscious effort on my part sometimes...) take more time to think about what other people think and try my best to keep my mind open on certain subjects that I would personally not give the time of day, out of consideration of other peoples values. Which, even if I might not agree with it, having the respect to at least listen to them and leave their values in tact (if they're not destructive in nature or any of that sort).

    But if you're looking for an in depth video of differences between INTP's and INTJ's, you're not gonna find it anywhere. Types are much too fluid to accurately sum up in any couple of sentences.
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