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    Okay... 1:38 , when she started to sing I thought oh , but then I gave her chance just to talk for a few more seconds ... ah the message of the video might be good, but I am sorry, her expression is kinda getting on my nerves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chanaynay View Post
    i don't think it takes away from the discussion or what she's saying by you saying that. but yeah she does seem ESxJish to me

    I think the entire thread should probably be trashed. <-haha no.
    I probably should have elaborated by saying that her message seemed fairly accurate...

    This isn't what caused me to doubt her ENFP status (although I'm assuming it contributed to it on some subconscious level)... okay, how do I begin to explain this...

    So, I've seen this here before even... A new "untyped" (but SJ) member shows-up...they have an airy, breezy communication style, which, as everyone knows, automatically means they couldn't possibly be any other type other than NFP. Over a short span of time other members convince them they are NFP...and the brand new "NFP member" internalizes the "NFP story"...and starts to reflect that back in their posts.

    But there's a two-dimensional quality to the telling of this story...just like in the video. They've got the story *right*... but there's something missing or being taken for granted. Like, with this topic..."laziness?" Shit, the emotional wounds/scarring alone that every true ENFP carries with them having been told their entire lives that they are "not living-up to their potential"...that they have their "head in the clouds"...and that they may "never amount to anything" because they are "so damn lazy" could function as an ENFP calling card of sorts.

    The most extroverted...the most e7y...the most positive outlook...the most so/sx...the most 728...the most Chanaynayish ENFPs among us can't hide this wound which will have festered into fear and shame. And we will carry it with us to the grave. This woman did not possess these scars and it was obvious. And it's not that an ENFP can't come to some kind of terms with the aspects of their personality everyone and everything nailed the adjective "lazy" to... but the scars will always be there.
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    Default Video: ENFPs And Being Lazy

    ha, this chick is so NF ....and she nails a lot of points that other types takes out of context, especially the lazy part .....Tis is exactly why ENFPs are said to be the most Introverted extroverts, not because they are lazy, because they don't have near the energy that a typical extrovert has. ENTP for example focus on goals and careers and forward moving, ENFP like INFPs don't desire success, nor do we spend a lot of time focusing on goals. We're happy to be left alone to do whatever we want, we don't like social rules nor do we adhere to what other people deem is best for us and our lifestyles. As an INFP I can relate to what she says about leisure time and waking up to having nothing to do heh. I have nothing against people who are energetic and motivated to get up and pound the pavement everyday, but please don't give me slack because I choose to life a different kind of lifestyle, a lifestyle that is much simpler without any long term planning or people telling me what should Interest me. NFP will do whatever Interest them, If it doesn't we have 0 motivation and simply won't do it. I like this video, NFPs are so much alike in so many ways.

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