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    Default INFP and INFJ Talk About Feeling

    Good video on the differences between Fi and Fe

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    Fe vs Fi is amazingly worse than Red Sox vs Yankees...
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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    Good video on the differences between Fi and Fe

    Not bad. Both participants are well-spoken. The discussion was focused kind of narrowly, though: They only talked about how they "experience" their Fi and Fe; they don't discuss the theoretical aspects of how the cognitive functions work in general.

    On the latter point:

    When I think about the difference between Fe and Fi, I see it as similar to the difference between Te and Ti.

    Example using Te and Ti:

    Te operates on an ad-hoc basis, coming up with real-time organizational tools for real-time problems. Ti, on the other hand, takes problems down into an internal laboratory and works out tools for that problem as well as a number of related problems, i.e., it works out a personal logical system for handling a broad array of similar problems. In that respect, Ti works out a kind of internal "delta" of Te. That is, it tracks lots of related or similar Te possibilities and works out an internal, personalized Ti system for handling them.

    Extending that example to Fe and Fi:

    Similarly, Fe works on an ad-hoc basis out in the world with emotional and social tools. By comparison, Fi takes such things down into an internal laboratory and works out a larger personalized system for handling such problems. As in the previous example, Fi works out a kind of internal "delta" of Fe.

    A partial list of the kinds of things Fe deals with:

    --Small talk and social skills
    --Being a host, i.e., taking a leadership role in social situations
    --Having a "personal commercial": Being able to define oneself easily and quickly for others in social situations
    --Defining an agenda and attitude with regard to others
    --Networking, teamwork, salesmanship
    --Mirroring others
    --Allowing other to review you and have agendas of their own ("360 review")
    --Agendas, boundaries, talking points (roles, masks, attitudes, deliberately regulating emotional distance between self and others)

    By comparison, here's a partial list of the kinds of things Fi likes to ponder:

    --Defining and then pursuing personal affirmations, goals, etc.
    --Self-definition: Who am I, what's my identity: Setting up "trophy cases" to capture one's essence over time, preserving personal timelines and records of personal progress, hoarding mementoes
    --Personal "mission statements": To define systems for leading and moderating one's life
    --Visualization and affirmation exercises: To role-play how to handle situations in accordance with one's "mission statement"
    --Personal narratives: Who am I and how do I relate to the world and people around me: What models do I emulate, what do I try to construct outwardly in the world around me? Do I coach, mentor, advise, or rescue others?
    --What are my flaws: What things set me off or push my buttons; taking tests to evaluate psychological issues; issues of codependency in relationships; what kinds of people do I attract; what kinds of people am I attracted to?
    --Values and ethics
    --Attempting to create systems for measuring intangibles like love, justice, mercy, etc.
    --How to reconcile opposites like forgiveness vs. tough love, etc.


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