I have the ebook. I bought it a while ago and as I have been reading it, I feel like they are talking about the difference between Fi and Fe. We can go on random discussions about this book, but one question that I really hope gets answered is: does this book "accurately" portray the difference between Fi and Fe?? Or am I just being a typology-failure? I might have a follow-up question depending on the answer.

And since you guys might not have the book (keep in mind that I am not done with the book):

It's basically about how women (but I hate saying that this is only a women thing ...even though I really may be) feel short-changed in intimate relationships/relationships between people in general because they don't know how to assert themselves/deal with their anger/emotions. So the author goes through senarios about a woman and her mom, or woman and her boss or something, and the woman has to learn to take responsibility for herself.

I can provide more details, but I am bad at details.

All in all, I want to honest walk her talk, I think.

The author is Harriet Lerner.


P.S: has this book already been discussed in this forum???