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    There is the pleasure of conversation. And it is a pleasure we can pursue. We can look at conversation instrumentally, or we can look at conversation for its intrinsic pleasure.

    And pleasure is physically felt, we feel pleasure in our bodies, and we can acknowledge pleasure in our minds.

    If we direct our attention to pleasure, we direct our attention away from other things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    Its not a new idea, Machavelli wrote about taking account of how things are rather than how they ought to be or are hoped to be a long time

    Sometimes humanity is something you have to rise above.
    Wasnt suggesting it was original. Just a more easily digested and sightly more humorous delivery. It was a good book because it puts the basics of life into a nutshell for me and helped me to take lifes little slights less seriously. I suffer from a peculiar kind of idealism/naivety that ironically makes me appear cynical. I constantly have to remind myself to expect less of people because my internal expectations are stupidly high. So books, articles, ideas that help me see people more realistically and talk down that idealism are enjoyable and good for me to read.

    Also not suggesting that I am anything except a member of the aforementioned, SSS society.

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    Very interesting, makes me want to read the book and find out the answers.

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