This is the first book that I read on MBTI and I guess because of that, my tattered copy of it holds some kind of sentimental value. As it was published in 1992, typical of the style of the time which involved a dumbed down version of the system for the masses, it views things in a very MBTI 4 letter kind of way. The Jungian basis, including extraverted and introverted attitudes for each function described in Gifts Differing is not to be found. Instead, we hear about what N’s are like vs. S’s, what T’s are like vs. F’s, what J’s are like vs. P’s and what I’s are like vs. E’s. The book was immensely valuable to me when I read it because it helped me to understand how others thought differently than I did. It also helped me to realize some things in myself that I didn’t know. It took me several months to figure out my type. There is a lot of practical advice in the book, such as how conflict arises between particular types. Also, there are unique and uncannily accurate things in the profiles that I have yet to see any other place.

Bottom line is that it’s not in the caliber of many of the things that are published more recently but I still think it is a decent read and of practical value.

4 stars