So I've come here seeking insight on a rather unique situation I find myself in. Almost a year ago I, an ENFP female (20) started dating an ISTP male (23) I'd been friends with for 3 years before, and we've recently decided we want to get a place together. We were looking to get a roommate as well and coincidentally his best friend, an ESFP male (24) who I met about half a year ago, is coming back to our hometown and also looking for a place to live, so we've all decided to live together. Now I'll admit I have something of a fantasy of having two boyfriends, and this is where my need for advice comes in, lol. I'm very much in love with my ISTP but I consider myself capable of romantically loving more than one person, and thankfully that's something he understands. I've become good friends with the ESFP and we've shared some amazing sex, and I'm starting to think I could fall for him too, and get to be romantically involved with them both. So really I just want to hear from ISTPs, ESFPs, and ENFPs even, about how relationship dynamics between those types have worked before, because the chemistry between the 3 of us, them as best friends and me as their potential shared girlfriend, is pretty incredible. So basically I'd love to have my inkling that these types could meld into a good trio be confirmed or denied or debated or expanded upon by anyone who would have relevant info to draw upon. Obviously I realize there's a bunch of other factors going into play for a polyamorous relationship to be successful but I'm curious to have it looked at from an MBTI relationship dynamic standpoint! If my answering more questions would help to provide some more astute advice then feel free to ask as well.