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That stems from my irritation with people being unable to be open-minded and neutral. I stand by the belief that typing strangers via the Internet is extremely inaccurate and oftentimes arrogant. For example, I think people love to scream "Fe!" anytime someone isn't sure of a type and asks for outside opinions or acts overly emotional, which I think mostly just shows people's lack of understanding the functions properly.

Of course, for full disclosure, I am an individual highly preoccupied with identity, which will always likely be obvious to anyone observing me. I grow less concerned with the erroneous assessments of others the more knowledge I gain about the system. Part of me likes to educate others, so sometimes I do try to convert others to seeing my typing because it is beneficial to have dialogues about the functions to weed out stereotypes and misconceptions, for all parties involved.
I see. Thank you.