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    Default Forum Purpose

    This forum is to be used for SPs searching for conversation and discussion with other SPs. This forum is a private forum in that it is for SPs only; however, this forum is viewable by all types.

    Entrance to this forum is gained first by being an SP, and second by having one set of the following letter arrangements in your type profile:

    ESFP;ESTP;ISFP;ISTP;xSFP;xSTP;ESxP;ISxP;xSxP (not case sensitive.)

    Lastly, and very importantly, anyone who decides to change their type - temporarily or permanently - for the sole purpose of posting in this forum when you are of a different type will receive an infraction for doing so. Obviously, simply discovering that you actually are another type, and then changing your type accordingly, is part of the MBTI learning process, as I can relate to personally.

    Quite simply, we have made access broad and openly available. Taking advantage of such will be met quickly and strictly.

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    Well, it took me four years to figure it out, but I'm an ESFP, crazy

    The even more crazy part, is that I talked with an ESFP over the phone, and he is completely sure that I'm an INTP. Nothing I can ever tell him will change his mind. He almost gets angry when I try to talk about it with him. That's pretty frustrating.

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