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    Well, I already know that this ESTP likes me.

    I understand he has a intense like for me & may possibly love me.
    I just wonder, does a ESTP get quiet when they are around someone they like? The ESTP I know is a stereotypical ESTP. He has acted stereotypical with me numerous occasions. It has been as of lately that he has PUSHED the issue that he likes me a lot. After he was done ''showing'' me as a stereotypical ESTP would..he becomes silent. He is just silent and if he is ignoring me even though I know he isn't because he will still speak. I just noticed that his words start becoming silent and his actions start speaking for themselves. @Forever

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    ESTP's are naturally silent around people they don't know. It could be a sign of attraction as I notice some naturally loud girls get quiet/rude around me as a sign of attraction. It can be an individual thing and maybe the enneagram is a factor into that as well.

    They're definitely the moving and doing type. You got to be prepared for that. For their sensory preference is extraverted in breadth. If you like sports or know your entertainment well likes funny lines or classic lines from what's current. They'll be comfortable around you.

    I don't hang around estp's. But they just love me a lot lol. They will touch and not be afraid to toss you around. If he's a guy and interested in you he'll ask. If you're into him a lot, you can ask too. Just do something action oriented though.

    If it's a sudden silence and you're not showing interest back, it could mean to him that you don't care or are too afraid to show yourself. So his sudden silence is like Idc or idk how to approach you further. So look out for that.
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    Default Tribute to ESTP

    I wish I was a little bit taller
    I wish I was a baller
    I wish I had a girl who looked good, I would call her
    I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat
    And a six four Impala

    [Verse 1]
    I wish I was like six-foot-nine
    So I can get with Leoshi
    Cause she don't know me but yo she's really fine
    You know I see her all the time everywhere I go
    And even in my dreams I can scheme a way to make her mine
    Cause I know she's livin phat
    Her boyfriend's tall and he plays ball
    So how am I gonna compete with that?
    Cause when it comes to playing basketball
    I'm always last to be picked
    And in some cases never picked at all
    So I just lean up on the wall
    Or sit up in the bleachers with the rest of the girls
    Who came to watch their men ball
    Dag y'all! I never understood, black
    Why the jocks get the fly girls and me I get the hood rats
    I tell em "scat, skittle, scabobble"
    Got hit with a bottle
    And I been in the hospital for talkin' that mess
    I confess it's a shame when you living in a city
    That's the size of a box and nobody knows yo' name
    Glad I came to my senses
    Like quick-quick got sick-sick to my stomach
    Overcommeth by the thoughts of me and her together
    Right? So when I asked her out she said I wasn't her type

    [Verse 2]
    I wish I had a brand-new car
    So far, I got this hatchback
    And everywhere I go, yo, I gets laughed at
    And when I'm in my car I'm laid back
    I got an 8-track and a spare tire in the backseat, but that's flatAnd do you really wanna know what's really whack?
    See I can't even get a date, so, what do you think of that?
    I heard that prom night is a bomb night
    With the hood rats you can hold tight
    But really though, I 'm a Figaro
    When I'm in my car I can't even get a hello
    Well, so many people wanna cruise Crenshaw on Sunday
    Well, then I'mma have to get in my car and go
    You know I take the 110 until the 105
    Get off at Crenshaw, tell my homies "look alive"
    Cause it's hard to survive when your living
    In a concrete jungle and these girls keep passing me by
    She looks fly, she looks fly
    Makes me say "my, my, my"


    [Verse 3]
    Hey, I wish I had my way
    Cause everyday would be a Friday
    And you could even speed on the highway
    I would play ghetto games
    Name my kids ghetto names Little Mookie, Big Al, Lorraine
    Yo you know that's on the real
    So if you're down on your luck
    Then you should know just how I feelCause if you don't want me around
    See I go simple, I go easy, I go Greyhound
    Hey, you , what's that sound?
    Everybody look what's going down
    Ah yes, ain't that fresh?
    Everybody wants to get down like that
    I am dripping in Finesse.

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    It could be his Ti in full function.
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