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    Default Any ESTPs ever mistype as an ISTP?

    I'm wondering recently if I'm an ESTP. I've never questioned being an ISTP for the last 4 years, but suddenly since learning about Enneagram and just taking an alternate look at myself I'm wondering.

    I feel too extroverted and talkative to be an ISTP.
    I feel too introverted and unsocial to be an ESTP.
    My Enneagram is 7w8 sp/sx or sx/sp.

    My best friend is an ESTP, and i feel very different to him. He is very image conscious and socially inclined. I'm pretty certain he's a 3w4 so/sp though, which could account for that. I feel a lot more contemplative than him in my Ti usage.
    I was thinking about being Social last in my instinct, it could effect this.

    So, shoot me some questions. Lets try crack this one...
    7w8 8w7 3w4 sp/sx

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    I have trouble telling whether people are introverts or extroverts, so I might not be a ton of help, but I'll still try.

    Sure, anyone could type themself as an ESTP, but would they know their enneagram, instinctual variant, etc.? I see a lot of ESTPs, especially in fiction, portrayed as E3. Which isn't a bad thing, but obviously not all of them are like that.

    I'm an ESTP 7w8 sp/so or so/sp (haven't figured that out entirely). My sequence for enneagram is 7w8, 3w2, 8w7. So, looking at your description, we're kinda similar.

    People think I'm quiet, and I can be kind of antisocial at times. I really do derive energy from people and have a huge fear of missing out, but I also just work better in social situations. Like, people tend to be what my thoughts revolve around, even if I am still around them.

    Self-preservation has been known to "hold people back" a bit. Their brains are constantly switched onto survival mode, and they do whatever they need to do to protect themselves and keep comfortable.

    But the big question here is; where do you get your energy from?

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    Conventional studies show about sixty percent ambiversion. Mystery solved.
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