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    Quote Originally Posted by Windigo View Post
    ISTPs really open up and show their love when they trust that their mate accepts them and isn't expecting more from them than they WANT to give at the moment. Having open options and a sense of independence is what is most important to them. They are also drawn to people with integrity and courage. They aren't as romantic as other types but show their love through acts of service.

    They also do seem to get more spiritual and questing for truth as they get older. My ISTP just brought home Terry Gilliam's The Adventures of Baron Von Munchhausen . . . which was a surprise to me. Now lets see if he'll actually sit through it!
    I found I become more philosphical in my teenage years and more Se towards my late teens/adult years.

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    The older I get the less I need logic to dictate why I should or should not feel a certain way. Just kind of realize some things don't make sense and just go with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jixmixfix View Post
    I found I become more philosphical in my teenage years and more Se towards my late teens/adult years.
    I guess I'm thinking of my ISTP who is now in his late 40s. He was rather philosophical when he was in his teens and then became more interested in working/playing hard through out his 20s. Began to desire to settle down in his 30s and now is really opening up to more spiritual/philosophical discussions than he used to with me.

    I'm beginnning to realize that he has really good discernment/intuition. I used to demand a logical line of reasoning for every life decision we made together, but now I'm realizing that although he cannot always articulate a "reasonable" argument for/against an idea, we're usually better off if I just go with his "gut" instinct about something.

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