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    My Best friend is an ESFP, and he is entirely involved in music. He plays the french horn, he sings in all sorts of choirs, and he acts in musicals too.

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    The ESFPs that I know are young - teens, 20's but they are all like you describe - need to be around people, etc. They are into competitive swimming, lifeguarding, singing in a choir, babysitting or volunteering with kids. Could your mom join some kind of club, group, even do a sport? That would get her out of the house, and have other people to focus on - not just you.

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    I'll resurrect this dead thread, because I think the title topic is interesting...

    Yes, ESFPs have hobbies and interests. And yes, some of them don't really involve other people, or at least not their attention, even if there is some interaction.

    I may not be quite the typical ESFP 7 type, because I have an introverted enneagram, but here are just a couple things that I like to do:

    - I play American football
    - I go to the gym
    - I go running (on my own)
    - I go swimming
    - I draw
    - I'm trying to learn the guitar
    - I read novels
    - I watch series and movies, and then comment on them
    - I have an online group I am a part of
    - I take walks in the nature
    - I play with my cats
    - While I had a rat breeding station, I researched genetics and hereditary traits
    - I read and communicate about MBTI

    Some of these I do alone, others I do with people. However, I live alone, and like it that way, and even get annoyed when people come over and demand too much of my attention, and overstay my attention span.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandbeige View Post
    My mum is an ESFP and she seems to have no interests except for being around other people. It wouldn�t be so bad, if these people were other people, but very often it is me. It�s like she was addicted to other people�s attention (or maybe my attention) and if there�s nobody else around I have to substitute for them. So she calls me every day to tell me how her day was, what she was doing etc. She wants me to come home every weekend (we live in different cities) and so on. She has few close friends but they have their own lives, other friends, kids, so they can�t be with her all the time. Obviously I don�t feel the same (sometimes I would like to forgot about the fact I have parents) and am already little fed up with that situation. I should also say that I am the only child and all her attention focuses on me.

    So, my question is what do you esfps do during weekends, when have too much of free time, or feel lonely. Is there anything youl like doing on your own, with no company? Is it normal that you are so needy and prone to depression when lonely�?

    My cousin which has a huge age gap as mine, she's 44yo already is exactly like this! She's an esfp.

    I just noticed i really like esfp people A lot!

    I like my cousin, and i have an uncle who's also an esfp! Hihi. He's so sweet and fragile lol. XD

    I like esfps a lot. XD i actually don't know if it's esfp or enfp.. Hmm.. But esfp i guess!

    They're sweet folks and i just like them!

    And i remembered that my boss is an esfp.. My first boss. He's actually funny xD oh.. I don't know if he's esfp or estp lol xD

    But i think esfp because he likes gossip. XD and yeah he's esfp.

    And he always treats me! Hihi. That's the good part.

    I like that boss a lot.

    I like esfp! XD

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    I have an ESFP friend and he's a good dancer

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    Certainly everyone has interests, even if they have no hobbies...right? I’d feel sorry for anyone who had neither.
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