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Thread: ESTPs and INFPs

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    Is it common for INFPs to like ESTPs? I only know two ESTPs for sure. I've had difficulties with one, because after I moved AWAY she moved ON. The other one is a relative and keeping in touch is very difficult. Other than the issue of staying in touch, I love both ESTPs and genuinely enjoy them. One of my ESTPs makes really good jokes. The other one just makes great atmosphere. Both are really smart. So I'm one INFP who really likes the ESTPs I know.

    Are these two types particularly compatible?
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    Hmmm, I'm not sure, actually! My little brother is an INFP and he thinks I'm weird and bossy He seems to look up to me to some extent, however.

    Their functions are a lot different. In fact, I've heard ESTPs and INFPs are total opposites in this case. INFPs are very caring and imaginative, and ESTPs are realistic and daring. Maybe you appreciate some of the ESTP traits, or your ESTPs admire you?

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