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    I guess be strong in yourselves individually and then make your strengths compliment each other. I do that with people. If you are firm in your Fe you can hold your ground while being flexible. I don't have too much experience with ESXP's, but this seems like it would work and works with other SP types.

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    I think female INFJ/male ESTP can work but not the inverse. The sexes are not cognitively interchangeable, and that is something people on this site refuse to accept.

    An stereotypical ESTP female would not be interested in an INFJ male, as she'll probably have many other, far more aggressive men running after her. Hence she will not be motivated to pursue somebody who is, after all, "too afraid to make a move". ESTPs are likely to be pretty conformist in a relationship sense anyway. I think INFJ men need somebody more like themselves. There are other Es in the sea.

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    The ESTP women I know have a good head on there shoulder, it takes more then an aggressive man to capture them.

    For me INFJ women think they "know" the world to much that they jump to way to many assumptions as opposed to actually learning the person they are with. Its like they have this world image and they think the actual world fits into it. They have a closed off sensory when it comes to learning, their sensory seems to be focused on playing and having fun. This focus of sensory will play very highly into an ESTP and they are very sensory driven in the same manner. They also have a vision of how things should be, but unlike the ESTP they don't put the world into this vision because they know the world does not fit this vision, its just a vision mixed with ideals and "possibly" knowns.

    INFJ has a very "security" focused relationship style and wants the same in return which the ESTP has a hard time with. ESTP will need a person that has more internal security, then a relationship that focuses on security. ESTP is more of a "trust me" person, where as an INFJ is more of a I need you to create my security.

    Just my 2 cents from looking at about a dozen or so ESTP/INJ relationships I have seen in my life.
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