Hello there friends!

I'm an ENFP (about 80% sure... INFP/ENTP are the other possibilities, almost sure it's ENFP but that's a story for another thread) who has taken a big interest in MBTI in the last year, and as such have been trying to type my friends.

Having discussed MBTI a bit with them, my friends all took the HumanMetrics test - and I was pretty satisfied with most of their results, they seemed to fit quite well.

However, two of my friends tested as ISFP and the more I think about it the more I think they might be more likely to be INFPs. They're both highly creative people - however I know creativity is common to both ISFPs and INFPs.

The INFP thing is just a hunch but how can I actually tell an INFP from an ISFP? Are there any defining characteristics that can help me type them properly?

A bit of background... my group of friends in general is quite creative - having thought a lot about my friends I think I generally gravitate towards other Feeling types in particular, and then also other iNtuitives secondly. My very close friends include ENFPs, ENFJs, suspected INFPs/possible ISFPs, the odd ENTP, the odd INFJ, and an ESFP - for some reason I happen to have evaded very close friendships with SJ types entirely.

As mentioned before the friends in question are very creative, and in both cases their creativity is in writing - one writes a lot of scripts in her spare time (for the purposes of this thread, we'll call her Jane). She needs to get their ideas out and going as soon as possible otherwise she lose them, and it almost bursts out of her - this is definitely the case for this girl. Jane is very introverted in the way she writes though, sometimes she likes to bounce ideas off our friends and I and develop them by speaking (usually when she's writing comedy, it'll be a duo writing and she'll like to bounce ideas to get an idea if it's funny or not) but the majority of the time she prefers to write drama and in that case she'll just need to start writing so that the idea can form and it kind of spills out of her onto the computer when she's alone. I live with her and she often takes herself off into her room bursting with an idea and start writing before the idea passes her by. She sees herself as quite a quirky, "funky" character and she dresses in a "funky" way. She loves shoes and if she sees something for her room or to wear that matches her style she just has to have it - she's not materialistic at all but when she sees something she likes her eyes literally light up and it genuinely makes her happy. Jane's the one I'm still kind of on the fence with as regards her type - I can see a lot of Sensor and iNtuitive qualities in her and she's a tough one to place.

The other (we'll call her Anne), that I'm a little more inclined to think is INFP, is another storyteller but she sends not to be as productive. She always makes analogies when she speaks. She once wrote a collection of short stories and drew a load of comic-like drawings to go along with them. She is also a very talented poet, and her poems are like stories/sketches that she acts out with accents and rhythm - almost like a rap of sorts but slightly more comedic and not rapper-like at all (I'm not explaining what she does very well, it's really quite unique). Her creative process is very different - she doesn't live and breathe writing as the other girl does, she just oozes creativity and humour but doesn't necessarily WRITE a lot - she's a very creative speaker. Anne is also like me in the way that she craves information and knowledge about the world and the people in it. We're kind of each other's documentary buddies and we'll often call each other telling each other about an amazing new piece of information or case or story we've heard, and we'll both despair at the state of the world and try to psychoanalyse people in stories we've heard. Anne is very clean and healthy - she eats all organic foods and hates dirt - she's generally afraid of putting bad foods/germs into her body and sees processed foods as totally unnatural.

They're both VERY values-oriented and very clear Fi-doms.

Another thing that might help me decide... What has your interaction with ENFPs been like? Have you got any ENFP friends/family members? What is your dynamic like, and how do you think this might it might compare to ENFP-ISFP interactions? (ALL of the questions :P)